Robinson: Narrabri Family Session

Robinson: Narrabri Family Session

I recently watched a reel. It was a slideshow with beautiful photos displayed in quick succession. To tell you the truth, I’m not the biggest fan of them. Usually, that is. I tend to find them dizzying and wishing that I could take in the beauty more slowly and fully.

But there was this one photo reel that was perfect. Yes, it was a little slower. And the photos were MAGICAL. But it was the simple caption of the woman who had been in the photos that grabbed me most. “When you do a couples shoot and the photos make you fall even more in love.”

As another client-turned-friend described it, in photos it’s like you “are floating in heaven with no horrible things in the world just loveliness.”

And I think that, that is why we all love photos.

It’s funny though because, the moments of life book-ending a session are often quite unlike a piece of heaven.

For me, it was getting badly bogged just moments before we were supposed to begin. I was on my endless hunt for more epic locations haha (and then underestimated a puddle).

For Anastasia, Trevor and Tiffany it was probably postponing breakfast (needlessly since I was late!)

Thankfully, I’d say baby Victoria didn’t miss out on breakfast since hers required no preparation.

Then we began. The sun was out and so were the roses. The arch at the gate sweetly framed waltzing. Across the road tall grasses and eucalyptus leaves created a soft glow around the happy family. Better still though were the smiles, the warmth and love between Trevor and Anastasia and their sweet girls.

Thank you for letting me capture a little piece of heaven for your beautiful family.

Christella xx