Gale: Narrabri Family Session

Gale: Narrabri Family Session

Would you like to come for a walk with me?

Coming here wasn’t my idea, to tell you the truth. It was my mother’s suggestion and I was skeptical from the start. When I arrived the sun was beating down mercilessly and I couldn’t see past all the scrawny bushes. I realised a moment too late that the service was basically non-existent and somehow I had to confirm with Isabelle that this was our location. Worried would be an understatement.

Somehow, I found a whisker of service and when the Gale family arrived the cuteness of the little girls chased away any worrisome thoughts. Not quite, but mostly haha

While I waited for them to join me, I walked the length of the trail to its destination. I mentally made a note of a log along the path and just how long the track went.

“We won’t go all the way to the end,” I explained to Mitchell and Isabelle.

“We’ll stop about halfway where there is a cool log. I don’t want to wear the little girls out.”

Well, well. Turns out my ideas were totally back-to-front. Little miss not-yet-two (couldn’t hardly believe she was only one?!) had just woken from a nap and was not feeling it.

Later on during our time together I could tell that big sister is daddy’s girl. But at the start she just needed mama. Somehow there is something about mama that calm fears and quenches tears best. Mama with her warm hugs and talk of the birds and their songs.

It didn’t take long and the whole family were ready for adventure. And what adventures they all had! Climbing boulders, walking-all-the-way-to-the-end, crinkle-nose smiles, throwing leaves, counting baby sister’s toes, walking the log, splashing rocks, swinging, finding lizards, and lots of hugs and kisses… One of those sweet Sunday afternoons spent together that make up “the good ol’ days”.

Oh, I love freezing these moments!

Christella xx