Pavey: Narrabri Family Session

Pavey: Narrabri Family Session

A new Facebook message. Emma was the name. “Hi! I’ve been browsing your photography and it’s so stunning. I love your edits and would love to know if you come to Narrabri regularly?”

My response, a resounding “aww YES!!”

Cue the questions. Are you interested in family photos? Yes.

What do you offer? This time a longer answer… “what I like to do best with family photography is take some time for everyone to play games, relax together and have fun so that I can capture those darling natural connections.”

Then the happiest reply, “My gosh I think we are completely on the same page! I do love photography and everything you are saying is just what I’m looking for!”

A further note regarding locations and styling… “We have an old wooden feedlot that I think could possibly be magical in photos if that works for you. And if you work with horses they can be around too, I just adore them and don’t have many photos with them. I am obsessed with navy so I’m sure it would make an appearance in our styling.”

Needless to say, we locked in a date and called it a plan.

When the chosen day finally arrived a few months later, everything came together like puzzle pieces… we captured magic as Tyler and Lachie ran around, climbed and hid behind trees, laughed, played and cuddled with their parents against the backdrop of the beautiful horse, paling fences, old logs, tall grass and the wheat field. Oh, and need I tell you about the sunshine?!

Thank you, Emma and Edward for the privilege of capturing your sweet family in this chapter of your charming country life!

Christella xx