Evie & Connor: Narrabri Wedding

Evie & Connor: Narrabri Wedding

A birthday party and newcomers to town; motorbike malfunctions and a mechanic: a few ingredients of this love story.

The party was mine, the motorbike my sister’s and the mechanic’s name was Connor.

Connor was not on my original invite list as I’d never even heard of him. But I had invited one of the friendliest families in town and they asked if they could bring him along.

“He’s new in town and could do with some local friends. Do you mind?” I didn’t. I too had just moved into town. My sister was moving in with me. I forgot to tell her about the extra.

With two cars and two trailers both packed full, Evie had no room for her motorbike. Reasoning that riding the five hours distance on a dirt bike wouldn’t be too hard, riding it was. Only when she tried to downshift and slow down to pass through a small town half an hour from Narrabri, she realised she couldn’t. A piece of the clutch was missing. She made it home the next day but the clutch was still broken.

Party day arrived and with it one of my guests with a teal party dress of her mother’s from the 50s. The teal shoes to match were Evie’s size so we voted and she agreed to model the look. She came in with a giggle and a twirl, holding her hands “Bridgerton-style”. And Connor suddenly saw her.

By Evie’s birthday a week later, Connor had handmade the broken part and they each hopped on their motorbikes for their first date.

Fast forward two years. Both motorbikes are parked in Connor’s shed and a wedding dress hangs in Evie’s closet.

It’s the wedding weekend. Family and friends come together to string up tulle from the rafters of the Beulah Hall, bake quiches and pumpkin pies, sew linen ties, make bouquets, and attend to dozens of other small and significant details.

I was the only bridesmaid and a photographer. I’d long dreamed of filling both roles for my little sister. How did it work, you’re wondering? I couldn’t have done it without my talented sister-in-law, Elyssa, who skillfully captured the ceremony and scenes where bridesmaid duties were less compatible with photography. I took a few shots during the ceremony too though, as I simply couldn’t resist haha

After weeks of dry weather, the countryside was refreshed with bucketfuls from the skies on the day before the wedding.

“What is our ceremony back-up plan if it rains?” the worried question had been asked when reviewing the forecast. I too was nervous. How would the photos turn out?

“We’ll go ahead and get married at Glenroy Gardens, just the same.” Connor declared. Nothing would stand in the way of these lovers tying the knot. And capturing the beauty and joy of their special day was made all the dreamier by the raindrops.

Christella x