Bonnie: Moree Newborn Session

Bonnie: Moree Newborn Session

Milk-drunk babe, starstruck big brothers and sister, parents overwhelmed by the reality of their long-prayed and hoped-for miracle — this is the story of baby Bonnie.

Gabrielle contacted me a few weeks before their fourth child was due. I remember our conversation like it was yesterday. “So we’re keeping the gender a surprise – we have no clue!” I grinned as I listened. I love surprises!

“How did I decide to contact you? Oh, well, the previous photographer who I hired to take my older children’s newborn photos is no longer available. And I saw your recent work for Cloe and love your light and clean, classic style.

“When I told my husband that you travel to client’s homes and we don’t have to spend hours in the car with screaming children, he said, ‘Book her immediately!'” I laughed understandably.

When I summarised my style tips though, that’s when I got my surprise.

“Oh, when I saw Cloe’s photos I figured out the style code. I’ve ordered myself a light floral maxi dress and chosen everyone else’s outfits. White shirts and light brown pants for the boys is the idea, right? And a cute pink dress for my daughter will work?”

Will it work?! “That sounds amazing!” I responded in disbelief and delight.

Light tones, solid but soft colours and subtle florals all help make up a dreamy, undistracting aesthetic with the focus on faces. Light colours also reflect light back onto faces which reduces the appearance of shadows and wrinkles helping everyone look their best.

Gabrielle also confirmed that yes, they had a room with white walls, furniture and big windows! Oh, happiness!

Let me tell you though – my happiness was nothing, NOTHING on the infectious joy of this family about having a baby girl! The squeals, giggles, wriggles were mixed with a fervent desire to cooperate so that they could hold little sister.

Though mum and dad weren’t quite as vocal I could see the deep contentment and happiness over having their miracle bundle of wonder.

So, yes, the photos tell the truth! This family is blessed, beautiful and baby Bonnie is so adored.

Christella xx