Litchfield: Moree Family Session

Litchfield: Moree Family Session

For those who have been with me from the start of my journey, I dare say you might recognise these children, especially the littlest miss. They were first. My first (non-related-to-me) family who trusted me with capturing an afternoon with them.

When I received Jodie’s message late last year, it made me smile for days. There is something that warms my heart so much about ‘repeat clients’ – not simply because it’s a happy vote of confidence, but getting to document and witness the changes and growth in these families who become friends is really special.

Together again, I noticed a few similarities and differences to the time, several years ago.

In contrast to the last occasion:

We met on Sunday afternoon, which meant Dad was able to be there the whole time.

All the ladies wore dresses (yay!) and knew me.

I figured out the secret with little man was distraction rather than a direct approach haha

The park and playground this time was a tucked-away little grain depot. The concrete wall served as canvas, old washers as pencils, and the ends of grass as lolly-pops.

As you know from previous confessions on my blog, there is always some challenge at each session. On this occasion, I began to really second-guess my choice of location. Last time I photographed here was in the morning. That silo session when everything should have gone wrong, but didn’t.

You could say that happened again this day.

Jodie had suggested we again meet at the same park we had over two years ago. She was willing to travel a little though. The depot was my choice. But as we left the precints of town and the distance between us and the park increased, the sunshine seemed to stay behind as sky got heavier and my windscreen wipers became essential. To say I second-guessed my decision in that moment would be an understatement.

The return trip to town though was significant. Too significant to recall my instructions now. We would have to make the best of the situation. Oh, I prayed.

And the rain paused. Dusty grey clouds serving as a soft light-box. Then at the very end gleaming through now navy skies, golden rays wrapped the family in glorious light, a fitting grand finale for all the sweet moments in-between.

Christella xx