Sampson: Moree Family Session

Sampson: Moree Family Session

There are special moments in time and there are special people too.

The time when Gina Munro reached out, asking me to document her surprise wedding was one of those moments.

And the more time I spend with Gina, I know she is one of those people. I appreciate her openness. Her genuine warmth. Her loyalty. And I’ll be honest here, her enthusiastic support of my work. (Thank you so much, Gina!! 🥰)

So I was beyond delighted when she booked me again to do family photos this year. She had tried to arrange a shoot last year during winter but we just couldn’t find a time that would work for both of us. This summer was kind to us though and the time we were able to arrange was perfect.

And what was even better about this year was the precious new addition of little Sadie. It was adorable to see how much she loved her Pop and Daddy. And this time thanks the addition of Jett and Zac’s sweet partners, the ladies outnumbered the men.

Capturing the love in this family was not a bit hard and can you see how Gina just glowed as the unconscious queen of them all?

Christella xx