Jackson: Moree Extended Family

Jackson: Moree Extended Family

“Have you met the Jacksons?” sewing teacher Melinda asked me one day when I brought her a zipper I was having trouble with.

“I’ve met Tim – he was friends with my brothers. Is that who you mean?”

“Well, sort of. There is more than just him. What about Kim? Have you met her?” she asked.

I hadn’t. She assured me that I should. That I’d really like her.

I laughed a little when I realised later that this lovely woman was not exactly my peer group. But then, having older sisters who are nearly a generation older than I am, makes me feel a sisterhood with women of all ages.

And Melinda was right. Kim and her husband Ben are the sort of people that are easy to appreciate. They have graciously allowed their property to be a location for other client’s photoshoots and shown kindness and warmth on many occasions.

Then one day, they decided it was their turn. 😉 Kim mentioned to me that she would love to gift a special extended family shoot to her mother. Of course it was big YES!! from me.

First of all the date was going to be for February but then because there were babies on the way, it was moved to April. And then I had a time crunch on my side, so we shifted the date again. Finally in Winter 2021, the day came and I got to meet the rest of the Jackson family.

And there was much (about them) and many (of them) to love! Peter and Janice, their four children with their respective spouses and the 14 lively grandchildren. I may have sucked in my breath for a moment when I first saw the sea of so many new faces. But they all seemed to have swallowed a tablet or two of good humour, endless patience and an up-for-everything-attitude. I might need to ask where they got it from?! 😉

The afternoon was perfect with the sun shining warmly and giving a gorgeous glow. The property provided a number of good locations and with such co-operation, being a large group was no drama at all. The time slipped away too quickly, but not before many happy memories were made and captured. I hope they will be enjoyed for many years to come!!

Christella xx