Mikaela & Jacob: Eagles Rest Wedding

Mikaela & Jacob: Eagles Rest Wedding

A lunch-line. The serving girl who wouldn’t look up at him. Jacob was hooked — smitten from first sight. From what I hear though, winning Mikaela’s heart took all the determination, patience and tenderness Jacob didn’t know he had. It probably took a little dash of charm too.

“I’d love to travel to the moon,” she once confided.

“I’ll take you there!” Jacob quickly replied with a wink, “on honeymoon!”

Mikaela and Jacob shared these and other sweet little insights into their love story in their tear-jerker vows. (Yes, I shed a few tears too!) Jacob promised to love Mikaela with a self-less love, with God’s help. And Mikaela thanked Jacob for “pursuing, loving and choosing me”. Mikaela promised to encourage and support Jacob in everything and to love him only, for the rest of her life.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wills! Your wedding was truly beautiful in so many ways! You were definitely brave to marry in winter! But the warmth, peace and love that radiated throughout your day was as wonderful as a summer’s day on the beach. Can we expect anything less though, the beach lovers that you are?! Jacob, you proposed at a beach in the historic town of 1770, didn’t you? Then you married a stone-throw from Valla beach. Need I say it?! 😁 Enjoy your Fraser Island beach honeymoon!

Christella xx