Heffernan: Moree Maternity & Family

Heffernan: Moree Maternity & Family

Do you ever wonder, before a baby is born what their personality will be like? When I first met Heidi, she had a baby bump just like she does in these pictures and she was helping out behind the scenes for her sister’s family photos. That the Heffernan baby would be super cute, I had no doubts about. And she was an adorable newborn! But we had no real clue yet what her little personality would be like.

Seeing Perri again after a full rotation around the sun, I couldn’t help but laugh and smile lots! Her little personality is definitely starting to take shape. Much like her strong mama, she’s independent and knows her mind. She has the cheekiest grin too when she lets you see it! And need I mention that she LOVES horses?

We started our session out where Heidi and Daniel’s horses were pastured and Perri had eyes only for the majestic creatures. Which gave us all and especially her parents a few heart-stopping moments, as she is yet to learn a healthy respect for their size and strength. But Perri is blessed to have not only her patient and attentive parents looking out for her, but also her adoring grandparents who joined us for a few photos.

I’m so excited for them that another little miracle is in the making and I’ll see them again soon!!

P.S. Perri insisting on eating the pony’s carrot – isn’t it GOLD?! 😂

Christella xx