Burgmann: Moree Family Session

Burgmann: Moree Family Session

“Follow the sweeping bend… and then another sweeping bend.. and then…” I asked for directions and though I was initially a little disbelieving, they were surprisingly accurate! There certainly were several ‘sweeping bends’! Does anyone else prefer directions to relying on a GPS?

When I arrived, the whole family joined me as I searched for the right lighting and location. A pool on one side. Sheds on another. Then I saw the vibrant bottlebrush blooms. How perfect, right?! Wrong haha Before too long a humming, buzzing sound caught my attention. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones drawn to the flowers. Bees! Our pace may have classified as a kind of run, as we moved away. 😂

Another thing that I thought was perfect but wasn’t, was Ash’s hat. Oh, he had a nice new hat on his head to start with that was perfect, in one sense. But before long, Loren queried him regarding the whereabouts of his fairdinkum 24-7 one. Ash retrieved the one she referred to and I saw just how well-worn, loved and just ‘Ash-all-over’ it was! You’ll see how one of the boys pinched it once for themselves and wore it with pride.

Speaking of Ash – there’s something about daddy’s and daughters, isn’t there? Of course it was as obvious as daylight that each of the children adored both mummy and daddy and they them. But sweet Lacie kept ending up candidly in photos with her daddy and she had her own ideas of posed photos she wanted with him. And then mama and the boys – the unashamed affection shown at this age and stage is just priceless!

The laughter, the tears, the sibling rivalry, the closeness, the comfort and joy of family togetherness – all that and some is what I had the privilege of witnessing and freezing that beautiful Spring afternoon. Thank you for the honour, Loren and Ash! Wishing you all continued happiness and beautiful memories for years to come!

Christella xx