Elsie: Moree Newborn Session

Elsie: Moree Newborn Session

“When my baby shower was being planned, I told Heidi to hint to my friends that what I’d really love as a gift was newborn photos with you.”

I know Tahlee couldn’t see the grin that rippled across my face, but she could probably hear it. We were chatting over the phone after she messaged to tell me about the early arrival of her little doll.

“So there is no need to ask whether you liked the Gift Certificate idea then?”

Her happy laughter was answer enough.

Elsie was 13 days old when I met her. Delicate and fine, as newborns who hurry into the world often are. But being two weeks world-side, she was alert and bright-eyed too.

In the warmth of Tahlee and Lewis delightful sun-room, Elsie dozed off while snuggling on Daddy or Mummy’s chest. Tahlee’s mother and sisters who were visiting couldn’t resist sneaking in and giving her an adoring gaze. As for me, I was quietly thrilled at the chance to capture the whole-hearted and loving welcome into the world of this darling little girl.

Congratulations Lewis and Tahlee! You make such a beautiful family!

Christella xx