Luke & Lauren: Yarramalong Wedding

Luke & Lauren: Yarramalong Wedding

Luke and Lauren’s wedding day arrived wrapped in a blanket of grey. I know how to work with storm clouds. But there is something magical about sunshine. So I prayed.

The atmosphere indoors where the girls readied themselves was everything but grey though. The bridesmaids were childhood best friends and they succeeded at keeping Lauren’s mind off her nerves by playing her favourite songs and keeping her laughing.

If there was anything that excited me in the lead-up to the wedding it was Lauren’s request for a first look – the American trend which provides a greater opportunity for photos. The idea was for her brother and father to also have a first look. But as it happened, both stumbled into the lounge room before they realised they were not supposed to. It didn’t matter though. It was clear as day that brother, father and mother all adored their girl and each shared sweet, emotional moments with her, just the same.

After these moments with family and bridesmaids at home, all went to the chosen location for the first look between the bride and groom. Here we were joined by the groomsmen, one of whom had crossed the Nullabor and driven 4000 kilometres to stand with Luke. Talk about great mates!

But what happened to my prayer for sunshine for the first look? Oh, it was answered! Just at the right moment. So also was my request to the kind man to shoot in his autumn-leaf filled driveway. (Thank you, Michael!)

After the first hugs and adoring looks, Luke suddenly asked, “Joel, where is the knife?”

Intrigued I watched (and photographed) as a sharp pocketknife was produced and Luke gently cut a braided bracelet off Lauren’s wrist. She then cut a matching band from his wrist.

They had braided these as a promise to one another, back at the start of their relationship, to be replaced only by wedding bands.

Having known Luke for many years, it was a touching thing to see him not as the boy or even the tough and brawny fencer and jack-of-all-trades but now the gentle, protective and attentive lover.

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Granger! With a first day of marriage like yours I am sure you’ll have a wonderful future together!

Christella x