Django: Moree Newborn Session

Django: Moree Newborn Session

Back when baby Wylder was being welcomed into the world (in a photographic sense), I discovered that Moree had a pipe band! Because the pipe major is one of Wylder’s daddy’s best mates. Having a long-time appreciation of bagpipes and all things Scottish I dreamed of one day perhaps joining the band or at the least, meeting the lovely family who helps run it.

So when Zeena messaged me that she was expecting and would like me to take newborn pictures I was positively ecstatic! Unfortunately, an impromptu concert was not a perk of the job haha, but it was still every bit special to photograph this happy little family.

Tim and Zeena hadn’t found out the gender of their baby in advance, so when he arrived I was so excited for them – because if you have one, you need the other, right? 😂 When I asked Zeena if they were especially pleased, she told me that Tim had confessed he was happy to simply be a “girl dad” (and you can see what a great one he is!) But now that he has a son its as obvious as anything that he is clearly smitten! And all of them! Because who could help themselves?! 😍 Congratulations, Tesorieros – you sure make one GORGEOUS family!

P.S. One of my favourite moments was when Tim was reading a story to his little cherubs and Carmen suddenly said “Daddy – lion!” while patting his beard and pointing to the lion’s mane in the book. Oh it was gold!! 😊💖

Christella xx