Edwards: Tasmania Family Session

Edwards: Tasmania Family Session

There’s something about photographing families that gets me every time. There is the amusing way the older siblings both adore and feel exasperated by the younger ones, then the unfiltered, childish joy and emotion that the littlest ones express and the supreme patience, protectiveness and love of the parents for each family member. The beauty of it all gives me all the love-heart eyes, without fail!

Luca is a beautiful Instagram friend that I finally had the chance to meet on my most recent visit to Tasmania. She and I had a fun, girly time before we got started, choosing everyone’s outfits. As a photographer herself, Luca is often behind the camera, but rarely in front of it. She told me they hadn’t had a complete family photo taken since her older daughter was a baby. Knowing this, I was thrilled to have the privilege of capturing the love and beauty showcased in the idyllic life of this sweet Tasmanian family.

I must admit though, there were a few things that really surprised me, the first of which was the father’s hilarious sense of humour and British accent. The big surprise though came after a little while of photographing them on their own turf. I started to eye off rather enviously a nearby paddock with long grass. To my disappointment, it turned out to be the neighbours. Then we found a lovely patch beside the dirt road. Just as I was guiding the children into the middle of it, the parents let out of a gasp of horror and demanded the children return immediately.

“There might be snakes!!” they squealed.

“Snakes on a chilly day like this one?!”

Then it was their turn to laugh. “It’s not cold, Christella!”

“But it is!” I laughed back, “that’s why I’m wearing thermals under my outer wear!”

“Ah, Tasmanians! What can I say?” And we all laughed. 😂

Christella xx