Cara: Moree Year 12 Formal

Cara: Moree Year 12 Formal

When Cara first contacted me, she told me a few things, straight up. It was a small miracle that the formal was going ahead with how crazy this year has been and she really wanted to soak up and relive the moment for a long time to come. As for logistics… The neighbours had a lovely garden we could use and she wanted to include her dogs and horse. She requested photos with her boyfriend too, as he wouldn’t be able to go along, thanks to number limits.

When I arrived, I realised Cara’s praise for the garden hadn’t even told half of the beauty that lay thinly veiled behind the timber gate and leafy curtain. Cara was likewise way more stunning than I’d imagined. The amusing part was the way her family all turned up to watch one by one.

But that was the sweetest thing about Cara’s formal. Just how EXCITED her family all were for her! It wasn’t until after she hurried off to catch the bus and I was invited inside for a cool drink that I found out how much. Across the dining room entrance hung golden, ‘Congratulations’ balloons and on the table a matching cake added to the cheer. (Shout out to Grandma and Deliciousness!) Then there were the cousins, aunts and uncles who turned up from around the country side to celebrate her. It turned out Cara was the first in her family to have a formal and the family couldn’t have been more proud! Big sister even shed a few tears as she saw how grown up and stunning Cara looked.

I feel so privileged to have been able to capture this milestone in your life, Cara! Congratulations!

Christella xx