Rural NSW Photographer

Rural NSW Photographer
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Cameras have always had a magnetic effect on me. It’s probably something in my genes. My grandfather used to turn the family bathroom into his own dark room where he would develop his photos. I have been told that he even had one one those cameras where you put your head under the shroud. 

I started off using my brother-in-law’s camera when I was about seven.  Ben’s enthusiasm for photographic creativity and documenting moments inspired me and I quickly became  comfortable with his Canon. When we bought it from him a number of years later, I was the one behind the lens the most often. Consequently, when my mother needed good images to accompany her writing, I stepped up. 

My work has been published in some of Australia’s popular magazines. I photographed stately homes and outstanding gardens and the people behind them. Tenterfield was the location of some of our favourite gardens. These are a few of my favourites. Enjoy!

Christella xx